Ben Noskeau, former head of European Publishing for Riot Games, today announced Evenly Cooler, a new games studio focused on creating quality video games for children.

Along with a team of industry veterans who have worked on titles like League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Overwatch, Evenly Cooler is turning their years of industry experience towards a younger audience, and are currently developing their first mobile title, aimed at children under the age of eight.

Putting children front-and-centre with their game design, Ben Noskeau said that Evenly Cooler is “eager to develop the games that younger players deserve, providing them with creative experiences to reinforce self-confidence and self-expression.”

In developing their first title, the Evenly Cooler team is focused on making every child feel like a hero. They’re eager to not only develop high-quality games for children which break the mould of outdated in-game ads and third-party advertising, but to expand on these IPs to create bright, vibrant worlds that children can safely explore and create in. Evenly Cooler also wants to demystify the process of video game development and make it accessible to their young players, and are planning to share each stage of their journey via their website, ​

“The whole team has incredibly fond memories of playing and loving games when we were younger, and we want to be able to recreate those exciting experiences for children today,” said Narrative and Community Lead Cassie Parkes, “we want to give kids the tools to be able to play in our worlds, making them their own.”

Their first game is still in its earliest stages, but Evenly Cooler is excited to work with parents and children to gather feedback as the team starts on the first few steps of the development journey. You can sign up to test the prototype version of Evenly Cooler’s first title at ​​ You can also follow Evenly Cooler on LinkedIn at to follow along with the journey and be kept updated about the game’s progress.